Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday, 3:40 PM

In the middle of a coughing fit--seems
I can't shake this cough. I get better for
a few days and then I'm right back at it.

Had lunch with B. today, which was
nice. We had the best, most meaningful
conversation that possibly we've ever had.
We are very similar in many ways, but the
pain share and the source of the pain is a very
similar experience. Despite what she's been
through, she still has this incredible sense
of humor. I take my damn self too seriously
and have nearly forgotten how to be light.

I finished reading Bait And Switch and am now reading
Animal Farm. I wonder how many books I've read this
year. When I was taking classes, so much reading time
was devoted to course reading, though I always had
something else going on at the same time for myself.

These are the books I can think of at the moment
(excluding poetry):

Bait and Switch
Teaching a Stone to Talk
The Emperor's Children
East of Eden
Van Gogh's Bad Cafe
A Million Little Pieces
To Kill A Mockingbird
Collected works of Flannery O'Connor
Crime and Punishment
The Sound and The Fury
Million Dollar Baby
The Glass Menagerie
The Fountainhead
The Slow Moon
Running With Scissors

That's all I can think of at the moment, but I know
I've read more than that.

I so enjoy reading. I love fiction for all the places
it takes me. I love nonfiction for the same reason
but also because reading one nonfiction of interest
generally sets me off on a search for more to read.

I think learning takes place whether it's fiction, nonfiction,
memoir, or poetry one is reading.

I love words. I love good stories.
I love lyricism and metaphor. I love to read about other
people's lives. I love to read about the world, about nature.
And I love to be taken away for a little while.

Going to cook a tofu dish tonight. Tofu with curry
and mango chutney. We'll see how well it's liked.

Calzones tomorrow night. I've never made calzones.

I still find myself incapable of writing a poem or anything
of meaning. I simply feel too tired, too emotionally drained.
I can't collect my thoughts. I can't draw from that deep
well of inspiration--andi t is deep and it is full--my brain
is just too muddied up right now to make much sense
of anything.

Wes is at work. I have some laundry to do and some dishes
to do and then some watering to do around 7. I also need
to finish watching Into the Wild. I watched Atonement
last night--not nearly as good as the book. I also rented
The Kite Runner, so I'll watch that after I finish Into The Wild.

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