Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday, 7:18 PM

It's a perfectly lovely evening. Low humidity
and temps in the low 80s. I made a somewhat
concerted effort to go out and weed that troublesome
bed out front, but I didn't get far. I need to dig the
whole damn thing out and get rid of the bemuda.
There is no pulling bermuda out easily. It means
to stay.

I find it interesting how the earth claims herself
over and over again. How we are but these creatures
trying to make her fit our agendas. If I just let it all
go, the grass and weeds would overtake everything
and the house would little by little be reduced
to rubble.

I think so often about something a friend of mine
said to me one time when I asked him what
he believed in.

He said, I believe in the tall grass that overtakes the garden.

I think he has a sound belief system.

Stayed up much too late last night. A friend I met
in 1972, shortly after I moved here, came to see me
last night. We run into each other fairly often
at the grocery store, but we have not sat down
and talked in over 20 years. She is going through
so much and has been through so much. We find
comfort in the fact that we aren't trying to establish
a new relationship as we discuss the issues that have
plagued us both. We have some history. But there
were many things I did not know about her, and there
were many things she did not know about me. We
sat on the porch until almost 1 AM just talking.

At times we came near to tears, but largely, we just
talked and listened to one another, and even laughed
at some of the ludicrous, screwed-up parts of our
lives. I am glad we are establishing this friendship.

She has taken several walks with me (Molly, too--she
has sooo much patience with Molly). We share more
than ideas and memories, we share a hope.

My house still smells like cumin and curry from the
Indian tofu dish I cooked last night. Next time, I am
going lighter on the curry and spinach. Other than
that, the dish was quite good.

Tonight, I feel no inclination to cook, though I was
going to and I have a fridge full of good food. But
it won't go to waste. I think I'll feel better tomorrow.

The poison ivy seems to be limited to my left shin
and right ankle, so I am hopeful it won't get any

I saw a few jobs in the paper today that I am interested
in. One of them is in adult ed--an area I worked in for
13 years, so I emailed another old friend who worked
with me then and asked him if I could list him as a reference.
He has a cabinet position, and he worked with me, and he
knows the kind of teacher I was, so I hope he'll agree.

Watched The Kite Runner today. It was good, but I think
I must read the book. I feel it will be much better than
the film. I finished watching Into the Wild yesterday
and know I am going to have to read the book. I had
a pretty good cry after the film was over, but I do think
the movie should have been closer to the reality of Chris's
life. The movie (or I should say the director--Sean Penn),
decided that the parents needed to be the bad guys for the film
to work. I think he's wrong. I think it would have more
impact if it had been more reality-based.

Now to go do something. Don't know what.

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