Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I can see a lot of life in you

For my dearest A:

and one for M, who feels that two can be as bad as one:


Too much happening to get my bearings straight. Been on the road--
not for pleasure this time.

Wait and see. That's alll that can be done.

Wait and see.


Calder said...

Hope you are well M and you can get R & R'd soon. Take care.

Peace and love!

Maggie said...

You know, Calder, I am just grateful I had that time at Hilton Head Island with my daughter, one of my oldest friends (she'd love me for saying oldest--she's 4 years older than me!), her daughter, and a friend of my daughter's who came and stayed a few nights with us.

Little did I know the worries unfolding as I was making my drive home from SC.

But today, I feel more hopeful about many issues than I have in some time.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Also, I do hope things are going better for you (the situtation with your daughter).

I hope you have a really good day!