Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Earth's Thin Skin

Finally finished Annie Dillard's
For the Time Being. Here's a passage:

Do you suffer what a French paleontologist
called "the distress that makes human wills
founder daily under the crushing number
of living things and stars"? For the world
is as glorious as ever, and exalting, but
for credibility's sake let's start with
the bad news.

An infant is a pucker of the earth's thin
skin; so are we. We arise like budding
yeasts and break off; we forget our
beginnings. A mammal swells and circles
and lays him down. You and I have finished
swelling; our circling periods are playing
out, but we can still leave footprints
in a trail whose end we do not know.

Buddhism notes that it is always a mistake
to think your soul can go it alone.

Monday, April 13, 2009

No More Dodge! I hope that's not true!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sunday, April 05, 2009

This May Be The Way I Do It

Just jump in the line. Can't do the treadmill
gym thing (or I'd rather not). So, this may
be the path. I enjoy dancing and have not let
myself do enough of it over the years. But
I think dancing is the way to go for me.

When I am with my friends, as I was all night
Friday night, I just let loose. These are my
new friends. They are also my coworkers. They
are an inspiration for many avenues I've taken
over the last few months. Complex people
who don't take themselves too seriously.
Complex work environment. We share that.
Outta there, we share ourselves. And what
fun we have. I don't know when I've enjoyed
myself this much in a very long time.

Being the worrier I am, the one who tends
to see the glass half-empty, I have to say
it is hard to give up old habits. But I am
embracing their energy and spirit. And
they seem to be embracing mine. And as we
know nothing more than the moment we are
in (if we are fortunate or attuned enough
to know that), then that is enough for the day.

Friday night, I was the dancing queen. Even
the 20 something or the others were not keeping
up. Much to their delight and amusement!

So, I think I shall try dancing. Often. I hurt
like hell all night Saturday night and am just
now feeling less sore. I am so out of shape!
But even these young women, with small
waists and nicely shaped bodies--these women
who do the Wii fit thing or the DDR thing, were
crashing and burning, but dancing fool Maggie
was "breaking a rug" as B said (she was very
drunk and mixed up breaking down and cutting
a rug). Love B much. She's younger than my
daughter but feels more like friend.

Here's to good friends--old and new. And here's
to Mr Belafonte!