Sunday, September 19, 2010


Went to New Harmony, IN Friday night. European
beer tasting. Not a beer drinker. Did it more to get Rob
out of the house. Don't know that it helped much. He's
never been to New Harmony. I've been there many times--
for wine tastings, poetry workshops, pleasure. Thought
including him in a part of my life by asking if he wanted
to go to something I thought he would like (beer) would
help lift his mood. Not that he seemed miserable, but
he was detached. One of the beers I tasted was surprisingly
good. It tasted like drinking October. Like drinking Halloween.
A German beer, a dopplebock--starts with an A...hmmm....Aventinus.


I felt alone in our togetherness.

The downward spiral continues for his business. Every night
I come home to gloom and doom. It is wearing on me. I have
done all I know to do to help.

Kunstfest started yesterday and ends today. Stayed in New Harmony
most of the day for the festival. Lots of music, vendors, artisans.
Dulcimers, electronic accordion, brass, bluegrass, bad German food.

Walked for about 4 hours. My feet hurt today.


More I thought about saying but too tired to say. Or too unsure.

Back to my bed and my books.

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