Tuesday, February 22, 2011


LKD said...

Oh my god! MOLLY!!!

She's beautiful.

What a gorgeous animal.

Gosh, I'm glad I wandered through here today.

Loved all the photos, but this is my favorite.

LKD said...

Just noticed the view out the back window.

You were at the cemetery visiting your father's grave?

Do you talk to him?

Is Molly any better behaved?

Did she like the snow?

Spring can't come soon enough for me. Record snowfall here this year. And even though I'm a lover of snow, I've had enough already.

(been a while since we talked...)

Maggie said...

Molly is so beautiful. She gets pretty rough looking in the winter, but after her bath, she always looks lovely!

She is much better behaved. Can actually let her come out when guests are over. We just all make sure we're sitting down when she first comes out of her crate. She sniffs everyone and makes her presence known, and then, for the most part, she's quite an endearing gal!

The cemetery you see in the background is here in town. Molly and I walk there. There's an old section where I can just let her run free, so we go as often as we can.

Dad is buried about 35 miles from here in a Veteran's cemetery. I have not been to his grave in over a year. Not on his birthday, or during the holidays, or on Memorial Day, or on the anniverary of his death. I pass the cemetery every time I am coming home from Nashville or to destinations further south, but I don't stop.

Those first few years, I went frequently. I did not feel him there. I only felt more keenly aware of the missing. So strange to see his name on that stone. I used to take Molly there with me. May do that again soon. She's a good traveler and loves to go places with me.

We have been bombarded with snow! And rain. More rain expected tonight.

Just this morning, when Molly and I were outside for her potty time, we spotted some yellow crocus in bloom, and some helleborus! Spring is near!

Good to hear from you, Laurel. Glad you enjoyed the pics. More to come. Love your pics of Bob in bed!

Jo A. T.B. said...

I agree with LKD, I love this photo of Molly too. Of course I'm partial to animals. Maybe you feel closer to your father at this cemetery where you and Molly walk freely. Yeah rain and snow here too!!

Maggie said...


Many of my extended family are buried in this cemetery. My great grandparents, great aunts and uncles (though I did not know many of them well, and did not know some of them at all), my father-in-law. And sadly, many people I knew in high school are buried out there too. I oftentimes stop at their graves for a little rest before Molly and I keep walking.