Sunday, February 27, 2011


LKD said...

Another great photograph.

I enlarged it to verify that Molly's muzzle is snowy. That made me smile. Elmo's a snow baby. He still loves the snow despite being almost 17 now and a little stiff and rickety and arthritic. He'll wander out into the snow and start pawing it, then dig holes. He'll still chase snowballs--I make little tiny ones, and he'll dash after them like a dog and dive right into the hole they've created.

Bob, on the other hand, is a big fat baby about the snow. He loves to sit at the sliding glass door and watch it fall, but ventures out into the whiteness very reluctantly, and mostly only if Elmo is already out there.

It's been one hell of a snowy, icy winter here. I'm glad it's almost over.

This is a lovely photo, Maggie. You have a knack with the camera.

Maggie said...

I am getting a little better with my camera. Did not know a thing about it when I first started using it, but I am learning. Glad you like this shot. I love the look on Molly's face!

I didn't even notice, until I enlarged it, the stone in the background with the name "Brown" on it! Not my stone (nor any of my family members), but my name, and my unsinkable Molly standing there not too far from it!