Sunday, March 13, 2011


LKD said...

I love the self portraits.

You have amazingly beautiful eyes.

Maggie said...

Thanks, Laurel! I don't photograph well, but the light in my bathroom is quite lovely, so now and then I get some decent pictures just holding the camera out in front and hitting the button. I also like the printer's drawer hanging on the wall. Have had that for years. It's filled with little (literally little) odds and ends collectables. You can see Wes's baby bracelet, some old campaign buttons (not people I would have voted for but my mom had them so I stuck them in the printer's drawer), some things that belonged to my grandmother--old thimbles, coins, knick-knacks. I like that in picture.

And thank you for saying I have beautiful eyes. The flash changes the color. They look hazel. But they are blue and green. The lighter parts in the pictures are the green. I think I'll turn the flash off next time and see if my true colors show themselves!

LKD said...

In the photo below, your eyes appear to be pale green.

In this photo, they look almost like they're pale lavender.

You should try a shot with the flash off; your description of their true color has me intrigued.

Do your eyes change in tone or hue depending on what you wear?

Oh and I'm with you on all the background objects in a photograph, especially in portraits. You can see who a person really is sometimes, depending on what's behind them or in the shot with them.

Maggie said...

My eyes do change color depending on what I wear and my mood. If I have on some shade of blue, they are strikingly blue with very little green. Same goes for wearing something green. Most days, they are a mixture of blue and green. There is a hint of lavender when I wear a robin's egg blue.

If I have been crying, they are completely green--not a speck of blue in them. My dad's eyes were much like mine. More a gray-blue with speckled green consistently.

My mom has hazel eyes. My sister has hazel with gold interspersed. One of my brothers has brown eyes. The other two have cerulean blue eyes with no green.

All of my kids have blue eyes. Lauren's a very deep ocean blue with hints of lavender. The boys have sky blue eyes. Their father's eye color is so pale blue it's almost white blue--piercing, lovely.

I think I will see what happens with no flash, and, I think I shall see what they look like when I am wearing different colors.

Eyes are fascinating.