Tuesday, May 03, 2011


LKD said...

My goodness, but Molly makes me smile.

What a beauty she is.

She's nearly glowing in these photos.

Did you buy her from a breeder? How old is the fair Molly now?

Maggie said...

She makes me smile (most of the time!). We got her from a farming family who owned her mother and her father. Beautiful dogs. Healthy bloodline. Molly was from her mom's second (and according to the owners, last, litter!). There were 10 pups--no runt. They still had 7 when we chose Molly. I considered taking two of them, and some days wish that I had taken two, but Molly seems like 5 dogs in one some days, so that may not have worked out so well!

She was 4 on Christmas Eve. She's still very much like a puppy. Playful and hyper! She is a beauty, isn't she? But she's a stinky girl! No matter how often she's bathed, she still smells like, well, like dog! I am around a lot of other people's dogs and they don't have such a strong smell. She's had trouble with her anal glands, so she had surgery to remove them about 3 weeks ago. I thought some of the smell may have been coming from that, but she's still smelly!

Of course, she is in the habit of licking that area, which I think creates some of the smell. And, she's still licking all of the time.

Means lots of washing her blankets, couch pillows, febreezing everything, and expensive baths at the vet (she's too big for me to bather here).

As much trouble as all of that can be, she's worth it all.

LKD said...


Have you talked to your vet about her smelliness?

It's unusual for a dog to smell doggy all of the time.

She had the anal glands removed??? Yikes. I had no idea they could be removed. I have a friend whose wonderful boxer, Max, has been having issues with his glands. And one of my mother's cats had anal gland issues.

So, a rose by any other name is a smelly rose, yes? (smile)

A smelly beautiful dog. That makes me smile even more.

(and yes, she looks like a handful, grooming-wise)

Maggie said...

I did talk to the vet about her smelliness. He thought it was coming from the anal glands and her incessant licking. But, they are gone now and she still smells like dog! But, she is a dog! I don't know what to do. I just know I would like to lie down to sleep at night and not smell dog!

But, on we go. I just keep washing blankets and bath time is coming up this week.

I noticed the smell was greatly diminshed after I washed her blankets this time, but still, after you pet her, your hands stink! Poor Molly girl. I am sure she does not want to be offensive!