Sunday, June 26, 2011

Everyone needs to go hear "good" live music often

Though it stormed all morning and into the afternoon
yesterday, it cleared up in time to make the drive
to Owensboro to hear the Carolina Chocolate Drops
and Emmylou Harris. I was really impressed with
the Chocolate Drops and plan to go see them again
when possible. And Emmylou, well, not quite sure
how to encapsulate in words what it was like to hear
her--that incredible voice I have listened to for years
but had never been priviledged to hear live
until last night. Unforgettable. Will make its way into
a poem. Had a great time slipping in the mud, watching
children dance to the music, blow bubbles, fall asleep
in a parent's arms; observing the crowd--so diverse,
from teens to the elderly; letting the music just take
me where it wanted to take me--sometimes nowhere
other than allowing me that moment. Other times,
back to a place when I first heard a particular song,
and other times, new places entirely. It was a lovely
night, and I am grateful for being part of it.

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