Thursday, June 02, 2011

Wedding pictures coming soon. Mama is still exhausted but very happy for my daughter and my son-in-law! The cicadas almost drowned out the wedding vows, but it all worked out! Lovely.


LKD said...

The cicadas almost drowned out the wedding vows.

That line, my friend, belongs in a poem.

Congratulations to you and your family, Maggie.

No cicadas here, yet. But lots of sun, finally.

Maggie said...

I think you are so right, Laurel, and one of these days, when I can write again, I shall be sure that line finds a home!

The cicadas were much louder in Nashville, but I think they are on their way out there. They are supposed to be here at least the rest of this month. I can't keep my car clean. Every time one of them slams into the windshield, it's like a small bird hit it! And the super messy, yellow bug gut stuff is hard to get off!