Monday, July 18, 2011

Hardy Hibiscus

Just posted several pictures of my hardy hibiscus.
They do make me happy. I do not know their purpose
beyond that (nectar for the bees, of course), but beyond that
I think they are just here to make me happy.
I can think that if I want! Of course I can. I can think
anything! They are hardy, so they will keep coming
back year after year. But you do have to tend to them
a bit if you want them to keep doing so.

My mother gave me several of them years ago. I don't
know where she got them for sure, but I think she
got them from a woman (whom I worked with for
a short time) who loved hardy hibiscus. In Florida,
and warmer climates, these don't die out in the winter.
Here, I have to cut them back after the first killing
frost. And then, I just wait for mid-summer to see
this beauty again. They don't last long, but they
are worth the wait. More pictures of them to come.
My computer is not wanting to cooperate and I am

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