Wednesday, July 06, 2011

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Finished reading Lynch on Lynch when Wes was home this past week. He borrowed it from a friend, so I had to finish it while he was home. Interesting look at David Lynch. I would not say I have become a Lynch groupie or anything like that, but his work intrigues me and frightens me and resonates and takes my mind in directions it hasn't been in some time.

Feel so dull most of the time. My work takes a lot out of me. I believe in what I do so will continue. But not much left for anything artistic.

The Song to the Siren was in a Lynch film. Tim Buckley. I listen to Jeff and have for a number of years but do not remember work by his father, Tim. I like The Mortal Coil's version for its surrealistic quality which fits a Lynch film but also fits my mood. Life seems that way so often.

I have been blessed or cursed with the ability to remember most of my dreams. Sometimes I feel that matters. I feel the need to discuss them. Other times I am not sure.

Tonight, Tim Buckley's song has taken me to The Lovely Bones. I read the novel by Alice Sebold and felt its power, its horror, its message. The movie is not disappointing to me, though it is not as good as the novel. It is on now. I have been watching it. I have watched it many times. Relived that pain many times.

Every parent's worst nightmare. That is The Lovely Bones. So why read it? Why feel this way? There is no love like a parent's love. But there is young love. Love which is never allowed to be. The quiet stirrings which are rising to the intensity of a hot summer night filled with the sound of thousands of cicadas. A love which will never be. A person who will never know what it is to be kissed for the first time.

Stanly Tucci is the ultimate creepy 301.7 diagnosis on Axis II killer. Very creepy. Lynch may be weird but his stuff doesn't weird me out like this guy does. Well, yeah, it does. Just in different ways.

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