Saturday, July 30, 2011

One Foot In Front of the Other

I know I am moving forward though it feels most
days like I am going backwards.

What a trying week. Started out with one of those
3:30 in the morning on calls. Had to drive 35 miles
to the state psychiatric hospital to see a patient
(this was Tuesday at 3:30 AM).
Did not pull in my driveway until 6:45 that morning
(with the expectation that I would be at work ASAP
to report to tx team what happened, but I confess
to coming in at 10 and then calling another case
manager to tell her about her new client).

That same day, my father-in-law was moved back
to long-term care. Assisted living did not work out.
He requires too much care. By Wednesday afternoon,
his son told my mother-in-law to be prepared for
the worst. He told her Gene would not be with us
much longer.

On Thursday night, I received a call from Gene's son
that the long-term care facility had called an ambulance
to take him to the ER. His BP was so low that he was
nearly gone. But, he's a strong man and is still with us.

Getting ready to go to the hospital. In the midst
of all of this, I did my best to make my mother-in-law's
92nd birthday (yesterday) as lovely as I could for her.
She was most appreciative.

My oldest son came in yesterday for her birthday
and to provide moral support and to give me a little
break. I crashed at 10 last night and did not get up
until 8:3o this morning.

Things are too hectic and overwhleming and heart-wrenching
to adequately delve into them. I am just living them now. And
just barely that.

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