Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Beautiful Saturday in the Music City

Left here this morning at 8 or so and arrive at Vandy's
campus around 9:35. It was Family Day today, so the campus
was packed, but I still got to the lecture early.

I decided to sit in the front row today. Why not? Billy had on
some interesting tennis shoes. I'd like a pair like them. I started
composing a poem about his shoes while I waited for him to
start. We reviewed briefly some of the things we discussed
last week--the poem having a will of its own, turns in poetry,
the significance of the line.

He spent most of the time discussing ways the poem turns. He
lists these ways:

1. a logical or rhetorical turn (he chose To His Coy Mistress to

2. temporal or spatial turn (Tintern Abbey as example)

3. turn to the personal (The Fury of Aerial Bombardment, The Long
Meadow, and one of his, The Death of the Hat)

4. reflexive turn (Canada, by B.C.)

5. a turn to the present

We also discussed tenor and vehicle--2 terms I have never heard about.
We started that discussion last week. More about that later.

After the lecture, Lauren and I went to Sitar for lunch and then to the
Farmer's Market. Oh my, what a spread! Pictures coming of that and
of the Greek Orthodox Church where we attended the Greekfest
last weekend.

Tonight, party at Marisa's, but this gal is getting tired. Drove to Nashville
and back today, which isn't too terribly much driving, but I am tired.

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