Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Billy Collins and other things

Went to Nashville Saturday to attend a Billy Collins
lecture at Vanderbilt University. He is poet in residence
at Vandy for a few weeks and is offering two lectures
to the public.

He was informative, interesting, engaging, and funny,
though he did seem to be a bit bored with us at times.

Next week, we discuss the line in more detail. I am
looking forward to the final lecture. I wish he was
staying around a little longer.

Saturday night, my friend Dawn (who has moved back
to Nashville and is doing a post-doc at Vandy), her
boyfriend, John, Lauren, Jon, and I went to Julee's
birthday bash at The Red Door Saloon. It was much
more fun than I had anticipated. I am getting tired
in my early 50s and no longer enjoy hanging out
at the bar or being out too late, but I did enjoy myself
very much. It was good to see Julee, who was very
surprised to see me! I have not seen her in several

Spent the night with Dawn and then went to the
Greekfest with Lauren and Jon on Sunday. I enjoyed it!
So many festivals in Nashville last weekend
and the state fair as well.

This Saturday, I hope to see the Warhol exhibit
at the Frist after the lecture. Something to look
forward to indeed!

And, maybe a vacation coming up. Really can't afford
it, but Becca and I are thinking about going to New
Orleans or St. Augustine. I need some beach time!

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