Monday, October 10, 2011

Back Home

Took a trip last week with my friend, Becca. We went to Naples, Fl
to stay with my sister. While there, we went fishing one day at
Ten Thousand Islands, which was quite an experience! I will save that
story for another time. We also went to the Everglades and took
an airboat ride through the mangroves. We took a short
swamp walk while there as well, and we visited the Clyde Butcher
gallery. And, we could not leave the Glades behind without
visiting the Skunkape Research Center. To our surprise, David
was actually there! Then my friend and I took the Key West Express
ferry to Key West for a few days.

All the pictures below are from the Key West trip. I loved the
Butterfly Conservatory and could have stayed in there all morning!

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