Monday, October 17, 2011


LKD said...

This is simply the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long, long time.

I think I need to visit a buttefly garden.

I've always loved butterflies.

I got all excited a few weeks ago, after my brother died, when I saw a butterfly, aptly named the mourning cloak, fluttering about in the yard.

Beauty is all around us.

Maggie said...

It was one of the most beautiful butterflies in the conservatory, and one of the few that would stay still long enough for me to take some really good pictures.

I did not want to leave, even though it was very warm and humid inside there. I do not like heat! But I was so entranced with the butterflies that I was not too bothered by it.

It's interesting what type of butterfly appears after a death. I am not so sure those same butterflies are always around and we just don't pay as much attention as we need to. I tend to believe particular types show up for each loved one we've lost.

When my dad died, a solid black, very large butterfly appeared on the day we buried him. It following Gabriel (my oldest brother's stepson) everywhere he went. Gabriel loved my father very much. The butterfly even followed Gabe into the house! And it was back the next day. But when Gabe went home, we never saw it again.

I think it must have been a scarlet swallowtail, but after googling "black butterflies," I've honestly had no luck identifying it.

My dad loved Johnny Cash. So very apropros that the butterfly was solid black.

Beauty is indeed all around us. Some days we just get so into our worries that we don't see. I love those days when I let everything go and just take the beauty of this amazing plant and let it fill me.

Glad you enjoyed the picture!