Monday, November 28, 2011


LKD said...

I can't listen to her without thinking of my brother.

Driving to my father's funeral 10 years ago, my brother was sitting in the back seat and we were listening to the music I'd recorded for the funeral home. One of the songs was Calling All Angels, a duet by kd lang and Jane Siberry. We pulled up to the church just as the song was ending, got out of the car and my brother pulled me aside and asked, crying: What WAS that?

And I told him.

Afterwards, he told me he'd been fine, had been holding himself together until he heard that song. He said he was a complete mess on the church steps, crying as he hugged everyone.

Ever since, whenever I hear kd, I think of him. And that moment.

Gosh, I miss him.

And my dad, too.

Maggie said...

I wrote you a long response. It got lost.

Maggie said...

I do want to say that I have never heard Calling All Angels and am so glad you mentioned it.

And that I miss my dad every day.

And that I can't imagine what it is to have lost two of your most beloved.

And that I am moved that your brother cried and was able to let all of that emotion out. You gave him that in the offering of a song you chose. He may not have felt free enough without it.