Monday, November 07, 2011

The latest Food Rules: an eater's manual:

Spinach salad with goat cheese, dried pears, spiced walnuts, and a balsamic vinaigrette for dinner tonight. Yum!

And a Boo Radley walk with Molly (wind and leaves blowing down some dark streets).


LKD said...

A Boo Radley walk.

That made me smile.

Sometimes, I think I'm Boo.

Okay, sometimes, I am Boo.

Here's to a Boo Radley walk with or without a dog.

Maggie said...

Think I'll watch the movie tonight.

Been watching lots of movies lately (finally got Netflix).

I so love the characters and their names: Atticus, Scout, Jem, Boo, Dill, Calpurnia.

Molly and I had a rather short walk last night--bitter wind blowing. I am hoping the wind dies down today. At least the sun is shining!

LKD said...


My god, what a name.

Can you imagine going through life with a name like that?

Very windy Boo Radley weather here, too.

I do love autumn. Crisp, windy, brisk. Makes me feel alive.

Maggie said...

Margaret was bad enough--can't imagine Calpurnia!

But you have the most lovely name!

I wish I had named my Lauren "Laurel"