Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas, dear visitors! A very blessed holiday to those I know--Laurel, Jim, Karen, and Jo. May you find some moments of peace and joy this holiday season and in the year to come.


james said...

we who have witnessed your arduous reaching for the light celebrate your journey with you, and wish only that we can share in your strength.

in this ether there are so few we can truly call our darlings. merry christmas darling maggie. in the circle of those who love you, know that i'm there

always, jim

LKD said...

Holy moly, what a beautiful tree.

I love how the floor reflects the tree lights.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Maggie. And happy new year.

Maggie said...

I am eternally grateful to be your darling, jim. There are days that circle seems to grow smaller. Just knowing you are there helps so much. I feel so fortunate our paths crossed and from that crossing such a meaningful friendship has developed.
My best to you, dear friend.

And, Laurel. Sure hope one of these days the three of us are sitting in a room together--that would be such a great gathering! I love the way the light reflects as well--on the French doors and the art work. It takes me a long time to get that tree together, but it always feels worth it when it's done.

My thoughts are with you this Christmas Eve, as they are so many days.