Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lexington Listen Up

Just got back from Lexington. Went to hear Nikky Finney read
at Morris Book Shop. I have heard her read before--about 8
yrs ago, here. Now, she's the National Book Award for poetry
winner, and it is exciting to see how her work has progressed,
how humble she remains and excited about poetry, how surprised
she was by the numbers of people who came to hear her read.

To make the drive go by faster, I listened to the CDs my friend,
Josh, gave me for Christmas. And the Tom Waits my son gave
me. Going to have to post some Black Keys first. Fell in love
with them. My youngest son has been listening to them for some
time, but I had not listened to them until this weekend.

Lonely Boy, I think, will be first selection.

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