Thursday, May 03, 2012

Knockin' Around

We decide to go a slightly different route tonight, Molly and I. Down our side of the street until we get to the corner where a house that had been there for many years was recently razed, not one thing left of it. I think about who built i...t. Who lived and loved in it. Who was born and died in it. The memories gone to the landfill. We walk until we reach the field near the post office, and I notice the steady decline of the grounds. No more primrose and carefully trimmed shrubs. Budget cuts. Have not seen the gentleman who has worked there for years in a very long time. If he still lives and sees this, how much he must want to come trim and clear the yard of all the trash. And surely he would like to repaint the chipped blue on the boxes. But, I am projecting and know it. He may never have liked the work at all, but something I detected in him through the years tells me he did. We go downtown, check out a sculpture (me) and the field of clover (Molly). We walk by two restaurants. Few people in them. No one outside. We take Main St. to a side street and hear music. I say we, because I know Molly hears it, too, even if she can't tell me. It's coming from a motorcycle dealership. They have their garage bay doors open. A band is practicing Knockin' on Heaven's Door. We keep walking though I really want to linger and listen. We keep going and find another sculpture. I touch it. Molly rolls in the clover. We go on and on and meet up with a woman walking a puppy (who is not on a leash). She sees us and pulls her headphones out and says Come on, Hatchet. Or some such name. Cute little thing. Never barked. Came to her. On we went until we came to the street bordering our backyard. Overcome by the sweet smell of honeysuckle. Tonight , I don't try to figure out how to get into my own backyard, so we walk a little bit more. We turn a corner. I notice how the privacy shrubs of my neighbor two doors down have grown like crazy in two years. A trampoline, a light in a kitchen window, rose bushes lining an iron fence: these we pass before we reach home. Molly hot and tired. Me wondering at the wonders of our walk. Tired but far from sleep.


LKD said...

A dog named Molly encountering a puppy named Hatchet?

Coincidence? Happy happenstance?

The universe having a belly laugh?

Seriously, Maggie, it made me smile last night when I read this.


Remember that band?

Meanwhile, why would someone name a puppy Hatchet?

Seems like kind of a rough (ruff! ha ha) name to go through life with. Makes one wonder.

Your walks sound s'wonderful. I love the mental image of that Ginger Rogers dog of yours rolling in clover.

Dogs are such a constant expression of unadulterated joy, of just live in the moment, dammit!

Thanks for the smile. I've been smiling a lot lately. A whole month of smiles. Goodness, what's become of the old gloom and doom Laurel? (I don't miss her one bit...)

Maggie said...

Ha! Had not even thought of Molly Hatchet--love it!

It was some kind of pit bull mix. Maybe that explains the name?

Molly just loves to scratch her back on the ground. Some nights we have "sniff" nights--we don't hurry our walk--I just let her do all of the sniffing she wants. Other nights, I am trying to get some exercise, and she needs it too, so I try to walk faster.

You should see her on her back wiggling around. Big old beautiful red girl with her pink belly flashing! It's quite a sight!

Smiles are such a good thing. Seems sometimes so long without one. I am always so grateful for those days I find myself smiling. And nothing like laughing so hard you can't breathe and you end up wetting your pants or close to it. I have a few coworkers/friends who can get me to that point fairly often.

Sometimes I have to reapply my make-up unless I don't mind looking like Alice Cooper when I meet a client. I laugh so hard, I cry, and the mascara goes running down my face. Funny group of people who choose the mental health field! You need it to keep doing it.