Thursday, May 10, 2012

Molly, my dear dear, Molly who has saved my life in so many ways. How to ever thank her?


LKD said...

Kiss that beautiful face.

The wonderful thing about dogs (and cats and all companion animals) is that they don't expect or need thanks. They know how much we love them. And that's enough. Hell, to them, it's everything.

Elmo's love for me is so completely unconditional and has been from the day I found him on the side of the road 19 years ago that I sometimes wonder if I'm worthy of it.. I think I'm a better person, a more loving, open person for saving his life.

As Molly saved your life, so has Elmo saved mine.

Kiss that Ginger Roger's of a dog of yours for me.

Gosh, she makes me smile.

(did you read about the pit bull who saved her owner by pulling her from the path of an oncoming train?)

Maggie said...

I did read that story about the pit bull. Amazing animals, all of them, but that was out of the ordinary.

And I shall give my Molly a big hug from you and a kiss! Your Elmo and Bob and my Molly and Oreo and all of the other animals who choose us as their humans are simply amazing to me. Such a blessing in the best and worst of times. Such wonders.

I feel particularly humbled and blessed by them.