Tuesday, July 03, 2012

More Adventures With Molly

More Adventures With Molly

So, no walk last night. It was raining (oh so lovely--lots of strobe lightning and boisterous thunder for several hours), so, tired as I am, I thought, well--at least around the block. So, I didn't put on my tennis shoes. Just kept my flip-flops on. We get a little further than I hoped to go, and Molly does her roll around thing in the driest grass she finds, and she slips out of her collar. And I think, just say Come here girl and get a treat. So, she comes. And I get her collar on.  Meanwhile, fireworks (which are banned this year) are exploding and she's getting skiddish and pulling hard. And then, I blow out one of my flip flops and realize we still have a long way to home. So, I carry the dead thing in one hand, Molly's leash in the other, try to hang on to her as the fireworks keep going off, try to look like Yep, I meant to do this (dead flip flop) as car lights meet the two of us, me hobbling and hoping I don't step on some glass or a nail or someone's sputum.  Yep, real good time, folks!


james said...

wonderful anecdote. just lovely. a dead flip flop. yes. and fire all around. and molly skittish.

Maggie said...

Yes, "skittish." Geez...can't spell at all these days. I knew that didn't look right! Oh, well.

My leg still hurts from hobbling around on that one flip-flop!

LKD said...

Blowing a flip flop.

Gosh, that makes me smile.

I've never liked wearing flip flops, not even as a kid.

The fireworks last night were right over my building. Glorious.


But glorious.

Maggie said...

And these weren't just any old flip-flops. These were bling bling flops--about a three inch wedge, black, the straps studded with silver sequins.

Got them in Naples after my other pair had been ruined from trying to push a boat out of the sand bed in which it was stuck in the Everglades (that story I have yet to tell).

That's what I get for trying to be styling while I'm walking! I just did not anticipate a long walk, but because the night was so lovely and because I was feeling kinda alright, I just kept walking.

It all worked out. We had a good walk. Did not step on glass, a nail, or anything gross (as far as I know!).

james said...

skiddish is when you blow out a flip flop and have to kinda skid home through the mud.

i'm like laurel, though: no way would i ever wear those things. i get very shy when my toes have to go naked.

Maggie said...

Mud sounds awesome, particularly in light of this drought. I would not mind at all to go skidding through the mud! We had a nice steady rain last Tuesday which helped things tremendously. But, we set another record high yesterday at 102 and temps are supposed to be 108 today. Yuck!

I never was much of a flip-flop person until the last couple of years. I spend as much time at the beach as I can each year, and they have grown on me. Wonderful beach shoes.

And, Laurel. I didn't see any fireworks here on the 4th. They are banned, but people were still shooting them--I just couldn't see any. I am so very sorry about your sweet boy, Elmo. Been thinking about you and about Bob.