Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Dragonfly


LKD said...

"My" dragonfly. I love that sense of absolute ownership.


Reminds me of a dear friend who told me years ago during a walk through a Pittsburgh neighborhood on a summer night that she felt like the stars and the moon and the night sky were up there just for her.

Sometimes, it feels like that when you're standing alone in the middle of the yard staring up into that infinity.

Mine. All mine. There just for me.

Love your dragonfly, Mags.

Maggie said...

Its presence was such a gift that night. I was watering when it alit. I put the hose down and came in to get my camera hoping it would still be there.

And, it was. And, it let me get closer and closer. And it stayed for a very long time.

I rarely see a dragonfly in my backyard. They tend to be near the water. But things are so dry here, as they are in much of the country, and it just showed up.

I felt like it showed up for me.