Sunday, February 03, 2013

Bathed in Blue Light: View From The Livingroom Couch At Sunrise


LKD said...

I'm loving your light photos here and below. I'm really in love with the top photo in this couch series.

Makes me think of that book by Didion.

Maggie said...

Blue Nights. I liked the book. Not as much as I liked The Year of Magical Thinking, but I liked it.

And, I am glad you are enjoying these. I want to see the fiery sky picture right next to one of these blue morning light pics. I just the many colors of our days and try to capture them when I can. It's a very rare day for me to be up early--not a morning person. I just could not go back to sleep.

I finally turned the light off and tried to go to sleep on the couch, and then all of this lovely blue light started filling the room and I was entranced and smitten.

From a distance, the top photo makes me think of Chagall's windows in the Art Institute of Chicago. Those are absolutely gorgeous!

LKD said...

Yes. Absolutely Chagall. Exactly Chagall.

That was what your blue lit windows conjured for me.

Maggie said...

It conjured the same for me as I watched the blue light fill the livingroom and watched it come through the windows. Glad to know you see it, too. So lovely!