Saturday, February 16, 2013

Trading Places: Kitty Loves the Molly Crate

In the process of renovating the bedroom. Molly is now allowed back on the bed to sleep, and Oreo loves Molly's crate, so it's all working out well!


LKD said...

Gosh, they both look so content.

Molly is so ridiculously gorgeous.

And Oreo, of course, reminds me very much of my dear old Elmo. I will always miss that cranky old coot. He was singular.

Maggie said...

Yes, Oreo makes me think of Elmo, too. And that Molly girl--well, she just can't help but be anything other than knockout gorgeous!

Nothing more done on the bedroom since my daughter got three walls stripped of paper. But, it will get there. Only been here 23 years. What's another year or two gonna matter?