Friday, May 10, 2013

In Memory of Gabe, my 13 yr old nephew

Gabe died at 3:18 PM on 5/03/13 from bacterial spinal meningitis. He was truly a charitable child who gave his birthday money, Yule money, and any other savings to charities. He is lying in a funeral home right now in the shirt you see him wearing in this picture. He had donated money to Relay for Life. He has this whimsy about him, and this strong love of family. I am so utterly heartbroken and so worried about his mom.


Anonymous said...

So sorry

LKD said...

Oh my god.


I'm so sorry.

He was a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

My heart goes out to you and your family.

Maggie said...

Been such a long, long month filled with indescribable grief. I worry most about his mother. Oh. Oh my. I am grateful she, my brother, and Gabe's three younger siblings came to visit over Memorial Day weekend. They stayed the night here Sunday night and left Monday afternoon. I think that helped. It's just still something I cannot wrap my mind around. He was such a beautiful boy with a kind heart and such spunk and spirit. I can't believe I will not see him again in this world. I am grateful, though, that when I see him, I see his smile.

About a week ago, a deer ran across my front lawn. I live in town--no woods nearby. I have lived here 25 years and have never seen a deer. Molly alerted me. I think it was a message from Gabe. It startled me and yet filled me with some sense of peace about all of this.

Thank you, Laurel, for your condolences. They are much appreciated. Keep his mom in your thoughts--not that all of them are not hurting, and not that she's not one strong woman, but she lost her son at 13 to such an insidious disease. Even a vaccination for it would not have stopped the strain he had.

LKD said...

I will keep her and you and him, that precious, smiling, beautiful boy in my thoughts.

I cried when I read about it, Maggie. And I'm wet-eyed again now.

I can't imagine his mother's grief. I thought the world ended when my father died. He lived for 63 years. How can the universe not end when a child dies?

I am heartened that the deer came to you, ran through your front yard, ran through you. That was a sign. That was him.

I like to think that it was him saying, it will be all right.

It will. It will be all right.

Maggie said...
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Maggie said...

It may be. And, then, again--no, it will be. She wants to go "home" to Israel. That is where she was born. Her younger children have never been there, but if it brings her comfort, then perhaps she should go. This is all more terrible than I have words for, Laurel. As a mother, my heart is in this continual state of grief for her. I feel so useless. There is really nothing I can say nor do. I sometimes want to not look at facebook--the place she has chosen to express her feelings.

Broken. Just broken for her. And still in a state of disbelief myself. It was 4 weeks Friday.

She is--as she says--an atheist Jew. Not knowing what it would be to know any religion and with my own questions, there are times I don't understand her fight with "God." If you are an atheist, is there a fight?

How very troubled her heart, spirit, and mind are at this time.

May the powers that be give her comfort.