Saturday, June 15, 2013

Enjoy Every Sandwich--Warren Zevon

What a roller coaster ride the last two months have been. Life is that way often, but it's been particularly up and down lately. 

I lost my brother-in-law in a car wreck on 6/05/13 at 6:00 PM. He & the family dog, Cookie, were on their way home from the office when he went off the shoulder of the road, over-corrected, hit an embankment, and his car went airborn and flipped several times.  He was not wearing his seat belt and was ejected from the sunroof and died of blunt force trauma.  He was 59 years old. Cookie was found right next to his body--injured but alive. She must have crawled her way to him as it is highly unlikely they were thrown at the same time. She has a broken leg, but it otherwise unharmed.

Steve and my sister-in-law had so many things they were looking forward to doing when he retired.  He was an attorney and had just bought the house next door and made it one of his offices so he could do much of his work from his home town.  We will miss him very much.

He starting dating my sister-in-law about a year after my brother-in-law (my husband's brother) died of cancer at the age of 59 leaving behind a 7 yr. old daughter (my beautiful niece, Elizabeth), his wife, his mother, brother and the rest of the family. From that point on, Steve has been a part of this family.  He's been here for every Thanksgiving, Christmas brunch, family funerals, my chidlren's weddings, etc. We are all truly heartbroken & in a state of disbelief. 

But, life goes on, and those who remain must try to find a way through the grief and continue on. I will never forget Steve. He was incredibly intelligent, witty, charitable, handsome, and he was a wonderful husband and father to his own children and my niece--whom he thought of as his own. 

Happy Trails To You, Steve. I look forward to the day we meet again.

The Graduate! Our youngest graduated from UK Summa Cum Laude in both English & Spanish on 5/05/13

Pictures: 1. I could see Wes better on the screen, so I took a picutre of the screen as he crossed the stage. 2. My son-in-law, Jon, Wes, my oldest son, and my husband sharing a happy moment. 3. My children with Mom & Pop: Lauren, Wes, Christopher, me, & Robin. Very proud parents! 4. Wes is burning up in that cap and gown! 5. Wes unaware that Mom is taking pictures and really quite oblivious to it all. He was just taking a moment to reflect. 6. Lauren and Wes

Celebrating: Isaac's graduation from kindergarten on 5/30/13

My incredible grandson who brings such joy into my life!