Sunday, October 14, 2018

Blue snake

A blue snake was chasing me in one of my dreams last night. In the dream, Robin was going to someone's house to get tomatoes. It was dark out, and even though I was across the highway from the road that led to the house, I could see a blue snake behind him. I ran across the road to tell him to be on the lookout for the snake before he started walking home. I could see the snake winding its way around a screen door which had been left ajar. I was still trying to call out to Robin, who was nowhere in sight and not answering, when the snake noticed the flashlight from my phone. It slithered off the screen and started coming toward me. I started running and trying to remember what I had been told about snakes. I ran straight ahead and then turned around in an attempt to confuse the snake, but it just kept following me. When I woke up, I was breathless from running. I have never seen a blue snake, so I looked up snakes this morning. There is a beautiful blue snake known as a racer snake. They are non-venomous and largely stay far away from people. I also looked up what it means when a blue snake appears in your dream and I looked up the animal spirit meaning of snake. It's actually quite positive to dream of one--especially a blue one. I don't fear snakes, but I respect them and don't want to come across a rattlesnake nor a water moccasin/cottonmouth.
"But then the color blue is indicative of the conscience and evolution in somebody. So perhaps the dream is hinting at a new found consciousness that is deploying this energy in a positive way, because the snake in and of itself is a ‘’cold’’ energy that requires to be warmed up in a loving context, to be chanelled and transformed this way."


I also dreamed I had signed up to take 4 classes and couldn't remember if I had been attending class. As it was already October when I started questioning whether I had attended class that semester, I went to ask one of my professors. His eyes looked like fried eggs with yolks the color of his irises (hazel). He had on glasses twice the size of his eyes. I had a copy of my schedule and my classes were: OB/GYN, Philosophy, English, and a 4th I can't recall. I was so worried that drop/add had already passed and I was going to get a fail in every class. I knew I could not get caught up if I started attending classes, and old egg eyes was no help. He never spoke. He just handed me my schedule back and walked away into the glaring sunlight, and I stopped worrying about me and wondering if his eyes were going to start sizzling.