Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bye Bye Life - All That Jazz

Had to post this after reading LKDs latest poem--just made me think of this movie--of Bob Fosse. Everybody's gotta go out--bad as things were for Fosse in some ways, he lived a helluva life, and I think he had a damn good time.


LKD said...

You know, I saw this movie years ago, and don't recall this song at all. Guess it's been too long and the memory can only hold so much. It was fun to watch. Made me wonder if Fosse knew he was going to die. Made me think of that playwright that wrote "Rent" then died before it opened. Made me think of "Angels in America" which I've never seen but should.

And it reminded me how damned much I love that song "Bye Bye Love."

Thanks for posting this, Maggie. It sent my brain off in a million different directions.

(Both Ben and Roy are gone now, yes? I know Roy died recently. Maybe I'm wrong about Ben.)

Maggie said...

I know Roy died in Feb., but I think Ben is still alive. Scheider was great in this film--so believable.

I think Fosse had already been diagnosed with heart problems and had been told to slow it down--I would definitely think he knew his death was not far off.

This movie is one of my must watch at least once a year movies.

james said...

maggie, i watch that ending several times a year. don't usually go for the whole film, which has its problems, but the ending is one of fosse's great creations.

Maggie said...

Yes, the film has its problems, but I pretty much love the whole shebang...the Vivaldi playing as he's putting the drops in his eyes, puffing his cigarettes all the time, taking one out of his mouth long enough to kiss, drink, or eat, but that's about it--he even has one hanging out of his mouth while he's popping his dexedrine...As I said to Laurel, I think Scheider was great in that film.

james said...

well, yeah, i'm a sucker for a lot of it, and i just remembered that great opening sequence where he's choosing the talent. and yes, scheider is marvelous, very fosse.