Saturday, March 03, 2012

We escaped, once again

thankfully. Our little town is damaged,
but no fatalities.

Co-workers and I were in a small hallway
in the basement of our building. Eerie
to hear the wind and hail. But we are all

My sympathies to the people who lost
loved ones in IN, KY, TN, AL and any other
state that was hit yesterday.

Got power back about 11 last night.


So much more tornadic activity here now.

Always in alert mode.


james said...

my thoughts were with you. so relieved you came through it okay.

Maggie said...

Thanks, my friend. It's an uncomfortable feeling living in tornado alley, and each year, it seems we get more severe weather.

I saw where parts of NC were hit as well, but it idd not appear to be widespread. I do hope your little corner of the world was spared some of nature's fury!

Beautiful sunny, cool morning in KY. Hope your day is a good one!