Thursday, June 07, 2012

W.S. Merwin: To Waiting

To Waiting

You spend so much of your time
expecting to become
someone else
always someone
who will be different
someone to whom a moment
whatever moment it may be
at last has come
and who has been
met and transformed
into no longer being you
and so has forgotten you

meanwhile in your life
you hardly notice
the world around you
lights changing
sirens dying along the buildings
your eyes intent
on a sight you do not see yet
not yet there
as long as you
are only yourself

with whom as you
recall you were
never happy
to be left alone for long

W.S. Merwin


james said...

king of the line breaks,and one of my most favorite poets. thanks so much for thism, maggie.

Maggie said...

One of mine, too, jim. Heard this one on NPR yesterday, I think. He makes it look so easy. Just an amazing poet.

Hope you are doing better. Don't stay away too long, ya hear?


james said...

thanks, maggie. don't know where it's headed, or how long it will hold up, but i'm trying out a new blog:

Maggie said...

I will check it out! You just keep on writing. The world is a better place with your words in it.

And, you know I mean that.