Saturday, September 01, 2012

Heart rot

This week's photo challenge theme is "decay." Heart rot forms on a tree when the tree is sick and already decaying. It is lovely to look at, but it means trouble for the tree. I thought these resembled shells under the water. There was even a haze beneath them as I looked through the viewfinder which looked like water.


LKD said...

Heart rot.

Man, oh man. What a name for a condition.

I think a lot of PEOPLE are walking around with a bad case of heart rot.

I love the photos.

So this is different from those huge shelf fungi I'd see on the trees in my youth while wandering the woods of New England?

Maggie said...

The fungi cause Heart rot, and then shelf fungi (did not know that was what they are called) show up on the tree to indicate the tree is "infected." So, no these are not any different than what you saw in the woods. There are many variations in color and form, but they all mean the same thing. I just never knew what they meant or were until a few days ago when I took Molly for a walk, camera in hand, thinking about decay (as it was the theme of the week in the good old photo club.) :)

I was thinking about people when I chose to title this Heart rot as it seemed so apropos. We just don't generally have lovely little appendages coming from us when we are in a state of Heart rot.

Tried to even construct a poem, but it would not come.