Thursday, April 18, 2013

An Evening With Leonard Cohen: Louisville Palace Theatre 3/30/13


LKD said...

Lucky you!

How was it?

I've had a crush on Leonard ever since I first because aware of him, when I heard his voice on the soundtrack of that movie with Christian Slater, Pump Up the Volume. I can still hear it, that wonderful deep sleek voice, intoning, Everybody knows that you love me baby.

Oh, my. I'm listening to it now.

My, oh, my.

Maggie said...

Amazing show. He played almost 4 hours. You could tell how much he was enjoying himself. You should check out his new album--some really good stuff on there.

I saw him about 4 years ago in Nashville and was blown away. This time, my youngest (who is 22) wanted to go with me as he has never seen him and has only started to get into his music in the last 2 years or so. He was equally impressed.

We were so high up in the balcony that I am surprised I managed to get any pics at all, but these weren't so bad. In the blue shot, it was his 2nd encore and he opened with Famous Blue Raincoat--one of my favs.

I'd go see him again next week if he was anywhere near here!