Friday, February 03, 2012

Shoeless You Came

I don't if it was because you thought
you didn't need them or because you didn't
have them, but you came in shoeless

on a cold day in February. We found
some flipflops, which you loved
so well and seemed happy to wear.

And the sweat pants were a good fit
for your small frame. You ate well,
and it was hard to wake you in the mornings--

you who had not slept in so many nights.
I knew so little about you, but more
than many. You loved your mother and your

dogs. You did not complain. Tenacity
should have been your middle name.
Tonight, the medical examiner studies

what is left of you and tries to piece
together this puzzle. My mind does the same.
Goodnight, sweet woman.


LKD said...

Lovely tribute.

Maggie said...

Terrible tragedy. She's been missing since November 2nd. Remains were found Wed. and are believed to be hers. Her nephew and his wife led the police to the shallow grave (once again, another one of the Mad City's missing found in the woods in a shallow grave). At this point, they have been charged with complicity to commit murder and tampering with physical evidence.

At this time, there are still three men missing from this county--one for over a year now, and a friend of mine's daughter has been missing since Aug. 1995. She was only 24 when she went missing. The only person of interest they had in her disappearance shot himself as the police closed in on his home. His wife pled(or is it "pleaded"?) the fifth so did not have to say anything at all. It's so heartbreaking.

Sarah has not given up hope--and never will--that her daughter will come home to her or will be found.

LKD said...

I can't imagine.

Natalee Holloway's mother has a show now that shares these stories of the disappeared.

How do you go on? Not knowing? Not knowing where your loved one is, what happened to them, who took them away from you and why.

My god. There are so many disappeared. Too many.

I think of that little boy who disappeared in New York all those years ago after his mother allowed him to walk to school alone for the first time. The last time she saw him was as he rounded a corner. Then, gone. Forever. Never found.

I'm so sorry for this tragedy. For all of them. How is your friend? It seems like these disappearances put a horrible strain on families, often tearing them apart.

I still don't believe in god, but maybe we should all be praying for the disappeared.

Maggie said...

My friend takes it day to day. She has a room devoted to the missing. SHe is now a representative from KY on a board to help the families of those with missing loved ones. It helps her to stay busy.

Her grief is great, though. She has no idea where or daughter is or if she is alive. It's been 17 years, I think.

I remember the story of the little boy, too. It's just so very, very tragic that these things happen. And to think someone may know something but they don't have to say anything if they plead the 5th.