Monday, April 02, 2012


james said...

hope the weekend went well. so relieved to know you're back home.

impromptu plans afoot here; robert and teri setting off for a week at myrtle, tomorrow, they say.

who knows? i may turn into a phone person yet ha!

Maggie said...

The weekend went very well! Drive there more eventful than one would like (heavy rain in Chattanooga and a wreck close to my exit), but the drive home was sunny, and all of the trees and shrubs are so beautiful this time of year!

I hope you do turn into a phone person! I am on call this evening but don't have on call again for a few weeks. One of my co-workers took my day next week so she could make some extra money. I like the money, but I like my sanity better!

Keep me posted!