Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Youngest Son's Interview on NPR

Very proud of him!


LKD said...

You must be busting at the seams with pride.

My gosh, what a talented, intelligent, articulate young man your son is.

It made me smile and smile to listen to this interview.

And I liked his autumn poem a lot lot lot.

(Does he know you write poetry? I think it's really wonderful that you and your son have poetry in common.)

james said...

a great voice for poetry aloud -- it tries to enter the poem, not "perform" it, a characteristic any poem would be well-served by.

LKD said...

James, I whole heartedly agree with your comment.

I loathe poets who have that poetry voice, that icky tone that's in awe of what they've created.

Just read the damn poem, dammit.


Yes, Maggie, your son's reading was spot-on because he didn't fall into that performance mumbojumbo crap.

Maggie said...

Thanks so much, you two, for listening and sharing your thoughts. I am, indeed, very proud of him, Laurel. I think he does read his poems with poise and confidence. And, jim, I think you are so right about his voice--he enters the poem and does not perform.

I find that performance voice rather off-putting!

He does know I "attempt" to write poetry, L, and I have shared some of my work with him. He knows I have just a handful of poems published in small journals, but I just sort of abandoned all hope of ever getting it right.

We have discussed poetry through the years and continue to when he calls and comes home. I have learned much from him, and I know he is grateful his mom loves poetry and literature and music. He has thanked me many times for exposing him to certain poets, authors, and musicians.

He's been home this weekend, but will return to Lexington late this afternoon. I shared your thoughts with him, and he is most grateful for your encouragement & kind words!