Saturday, November 05, 2011


Yesterday. And the days keep rolling along.

And I post poems here and there and then pull them
because they are unfinished and never fully say
what I am trying to say.

And it's sunny and cool today. The kind of perfect work
in the yard day. But I most likely won't work in the yard.

I have abandoned it.

Thanksgiving in less than 3 weeks. Everyone home, which
will be wonderful. But, oh my, the challenges. Trying
to cook for so many different types of eaters. Lauren
is gluten-free (which makes things like traditional stuffing
out of the question, but I found a Micheal Symon recipe
in Food & Wine that may work for muffins.) And then,
there's my little Isaac with his multiple food allergies.
Dairy, in particular. So, that will mean rice milk for any
dish that requires milk. Weird fake butter to rub down
the turkey and use in whatever other recipes would
require the real deal ( I think it's sacrilege to forego
butter for that fake stuff, but I don't want my sweet
Isaac to end up in the ER!). No cheese products, so that
eliminates a few things on the traditional menu.

But, I shall prevail. I shall figure it all out.


Interesting all these terms one learns when one is the
oldest employee in the office. Nearly all of my co-workers
are in their twenties. One of them yesterday used a term
I had not heard before. It won't come to me now, but
a few weeks ago, she mentioned "motorboating," and
when we went to beach last year, she told me some guy
was wearing a "banana hammock." Ok. And then, Marisa
and I were looking up the word "toboggan" as she and her
new guy have differing opinions on using that word to mean
something one wears on one's head (she tells him a toboggan
is a hat and he says it's a sled and refuses to accept it to mean
hat. She says "cook-out" and he says it's a "barbecue", etc.)
and I could not believe
the definition I found in the urban dictionary (did not even
know there was a UD until yesterday). And then
toboggan led to "modified donkey punch" and this could
have gone on and on, but we did have some work to do.

I am continually fascinated with words and can't believe
how many new words are created daily.


For my birthday, my coworkers gave me Michael Pollan's
newest book Food Rules, and a spa certificate. I had a facial
when I was in FL last month--first one. I am going to get
my second one soon!

So, I am reading Food Rules and rereading 1984. I am ready
to join up with the OWS folks.

To the bed I return on this lovely Saturday morning to read
some more and maybe go back to sleep.

In a nutshell, here is Michael Pollan's approach to eating:

Eat food
Mostly Plants
Not too much

Good advice. And food is the real stuff. Nothing processed.
Don't buy anything with over 5 ingredients listed on the label.
Buy organic when you can. Cook your own. Eat little meat.
Drink some red wine.

Some sample Pollan dishes: Roasted Beets and Carrots with Goat
Cheese Dressing. Spicy Green Bean and Tofu Stir Fry with Ground
Bison. Sesame-Chile Kettle Corn. & Chocolate Wafers with Ginger,
Fennel, & Sea Salt (all in this month's issue of Food & Wine).

The major problem I have with cooking healthier food is how
limited I am in what I can purchase. For example, that first
recipe calls for golden beets. I can't get golden beets here.
I can only get one kind of beet. F & W is filled with wonderful
recipes, but I can't find the ingredients. I can susbstitute,
which I frequently do, but it makes a difference to have the
real stuff.

Ok. Enough of that. Back to bed and reading. Food and Big Brother.


LKD said...

Oh, these kids today and their slang. (rolls eyes and smiles)
Banana hammock was new to me. Motorboating is a term my friend often uses in reference to eating. I wonder if she knows its true definition.

Happy birthday, belatedly. 53? You don't look it. Hope you don't feel it. I'm 47 and I swear I feel about 27.

Thanksgiving sounds like a challenge. Remember years ago when kids were allowed to bring peanut butter sandwiches to school for lunch? Seems like food allergies/sensitivities and special dietary restrictions abound these days. I'm sure you'll soldier on and make a magnificent feast regardless.

The Food Rules books sounds interesting. I have my own food rules and have lived with them for 10 years now. Most folks think I'm crazy, that it's impossible to adhere to them but it's actually very easy. I only eat when I'm hungry. I only eat what I'm actually hungry for. I eat slowly and if at all possible with no distraction (no reading, watching tv, working, etc...but that's tricky since I eat at my desk at work every day). I don't eat more than I need.

The first rule was the biggest hurdle for me. I used to eat for every reason except hunger. I used to eat because it was time to eat--meal time! I used to eat because I was bored, because I was watching tv, because I was depressed or angry, because everyone else around me was eating. Treating food as fuel for my body, and treating eating as a means of fueling my body changed everything. I lost weight finally and kept it off. And have kept it off for 10 years. I never eat now simply because there's food around---because someone brought in cookies or donuts at work, or because it's someone's birthday and everyone else is eating cake. It was a huge, huge epiphany for me, this food is just food and nothing else. That eating is about physical hunger, not emotional hunger or boredom. I've tried to tell some of my friends who struggle with their weight about this epiphany but they think I'm crazy. Of course, they think I'm crazy because I also exercise everyday.

I guess everyone has to figure out what works for them on their own, in their own time. Sorry I blabbed on and on about it. I guess it was seeing those two words, Food Rules, that got me going.

Again, happiest of birthdays to you! I hope you feel 43, or 33 at most!

Maggie said...


Yes, the slang and the words now in our dictionary (not just the UD!). The one I was trying to think of was "v-card." My friends were discussing whether so and so took the v-card. Had no idea!

Thanks for saying I don't look 53. I know other people my age, and I think many of them look older, but then many look younger. Generally, my friends who are the same age and who eat well, excercise, and don't drink much tend to look younger. Then again, many in that same category have had all sorts of procedures--botox injections, removal of spider veins, boob jobs, nose jobs, etc. I think I look ok.

I can't say I feel younger than my age. Some days, yes. Most days, I feel about the same as I did 5-10 years ago, which doesn't mean I feel good!

I remember when you lost weight years ago, and I applaud you for sticking to a good, healthy approach to eating. We should eat only when we are hungry, and we should choose healthy foods. And exercise is critical, as our metabolism changes as we age, and exercise really does help with mood.

I just keep gaining weight! I don't exercise much. Just Molly walks. Sometimes we take fast walks. Other times, I just let her nose around, which she loves to do. But I am not consistent. If we go to the cemetery, I let her off the leash, and she gets some good run time. I just walk, and I don't walk too quickly most of the time.

I really wonder about all of these food allergy things. Isaac just started having problems about a year ago. Last Thanksgiving, he ate whatever we had. Now, his mom has to have an epi-pen everywhere they go. Why? I don't understand.

And gluten intolerance seems to be on the rise. My daughter has been gluten-free for many years. She had CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), and after many doctor's appts and tests, they kept trying to convince her that her fatigue was all in her mind. She has felt much better without gluten.

I breastfed my children, which is supposed to help with food allergies. My daughter-in-law breastfed as well, but we have children with food issues. I can say some foods cause me great GI problems, but I eat them anyway, and suffer the consequences. I would have to start eliminating one food at a time to figure out what's bothering me. I may , at some point, do that.

I like Michael Pollan and think he's spot on (In Defense of Food, Food Rules), but much of what he can do, many people can't afford to do. I still think he makes a great deal of sense and uses a common sense approach to eating.

Me, I live to eat! I love all kinds of different foods and love to see how they interact with wines. I love spices and herbs and so many veggies. I am not one of those who eat to live. That would be my sister, who is all of 110 pounds soaking wet but just an inch or so shorter than me ( 5'6" or so). She's very thin, and she really does not think about food in terms of enjoyment. It's just eat because she has to eat sort of thing.

Thanks for the B'day wishes, and a happy belated to you. If I remember correctly, yours is the 12th of Oct. I know you had so much going on then.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me, Laurel. I am glad we are still in touch, and I hope we continue to be through the years!

Much love to you,