Friday, December 23, 2011


LKD said...

Gosh, I'm in love with a shot of a Xmas tree in a dark room, like the one above, with the tree all aglow. But this tree is pretty damned glorious with the lights on, too.

Your halls are decked out. I likey, I likey.

Maggie said...

I still have my broken camera and can't adjust the flash, so it's hard to get a good pic. It's either too dark, or there is too much light. This is a good shot, but if I could have adjusted the flash, or just turned it off, I think the light would have been ambient. I think Santa is bringing me a new camera. I am excited about that!

Been working hard to get things done. Had a Christmas party on Th night with my coworkers (who are all very good friends as well). They make me laugh--something I don't do enough of--but with that group I laugh so hard some days that I am crying! It's one of the ways we can keep doing what we do.

Lauren and Jon will get here this evening, and I expect Wes soon. My oldest son and his family are going to FL this Christmas. Sure will miss seeing my little Isaac, but I am glad they get to go.

Just baked the buttermilk pie and gluten-free cornbread for the stuffing. Almost time to put the bird in the oven. And then this girl is going to sit down for a little while! I'm pooped already, and it's only 12:30!