Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All Over Creation

All Over Creation And Back

Tonight, on our walk. Me two days gone
in suicide assessment and training. Learning
what I know intuitively but not always
practicing.  It's hard work we do, front line,
but not nearly as hard as the work those we meet
are doing.  Such hard hard work to want to be
alive. To want to stay alive. To believe there
is a reason.

And, so Molly and I walk tonight, at the first
turn of the block, I see three people and a large
dog coming our way.  I believe dogs know dogs,
but people don't always let dogs know dogs

And, of all breeds, it's a Rottweiler, however you
spell that.  I have been terrified of that breed
for far too long. Thankfully, he was a good boy.
Jay. And, he and Molly exchanged their smell
time and that was that.  So, Molly & I kept
on until we reached the video rental place
so I could drop off  Hugo.  And, then, we crossed
the street to the Red Door church with a statue
of Mary. And Molly rolled over and over again
in front of Mary. And she didn't do anything
except embrace us.

We walked until we came to the street I used
to live on. As we approached, I saw the telephone
pole and remembered.  I was on the phone
with my Granny, and I said, Did you hear that,
Granny? It sounds like my house is falling in.
Let me call you back. And I ran to the front
of the house and saw that a car had crashed
into the telephone pole, and an older man
was behind the wheel his head bleeding,
his wife asking what had happened.

They were ok. Just shook up. Probably
not as much as me.  And then I thought
about my dream last night. My oldest
son running into a cave to catch a baseball,
me screaming it's dark in there. Do you hear
me? Are you ok? Son? Son? And, he came
out, ball in his glove, in his khaki shorts
and white t shirt and I woke up this morning
missing my children and those days.

And, that's that. That was tonight.

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